We are Cadillac.

With one boot well placed in the traditions of yesteryear, and the other kicking down the door of the dystopian future we have yet to face, Cadillac is the best band you have yet to hear in this bizarre timeline we’ve all been chosen to exist in. Blazing dual guitars, thundering bass, intricate percussion and lyrics that would make Charlemagne second guess himself. With a dynamite rhythm section comprised of F@RM3R on drums, and Chad "Puff Chaddy" Krause on bass, they are the key components that keep the engine running. In the passenger seat is Nick "Reese Richards" Gauvin, whose twangy telecaster licks and sweet vocal harmonies are the seasoning that leave you wanting more. Last but not least, the one at the helm, on lead vocals and guitar is Reverend Kitchener Langfield III. In 2019 he left the bustling metropolis of Vancouver for the prairie skies of Southwest Saskatchewan on a divine calling to start the world's greatest rock and roll band. And now ladies and gentlemen, that dream has become a reality. So turn it up, shout it out and give it up for the band goddamnit!

We are Cadillac, and we’re here to play rock n roll.